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From microscale to mass production

Structured Plastics.

Inmold is your partner for micro- and nanostructure surface control in plastics. Cutting edge solutions for polymer roll-to-roll structure transfers

Full Solutions.

Starting from design, master manufacture to production of  polymer film production and full micro/nano-characterization

Develop your Idea.

We provide advice, project planning, functionality development, and integrated solutions.


Our Services For Clients


Micro-structured thermoplastic films for applications, such as: sensoring, mixing, filtering.

R2R Processing

Our patented high throughput R2R replication line allows replication of customized patterns.

Technical Films

Some applications with our platform: Optical (Lenses), Rheological(Flow deformation between phases).

Micro fabrication

As a part of our R2R platform, microfluidics and technical films, we develop your design in cleanroom environment.

Holograms- MoldGrfx

Mold modification for embedding patterns in your product.

Anti stick coating for molds – ShapeAid

Remove cost of lubrication and add a dense fluorination coating for easy demolding.

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Replicating micro and nanostructures since 2007

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Nivå, Denmark

Who We Are

We are your company through the whole production line. Realize your idea from the microscale to the mass production.

Our Vision

To provide high-quality and high through-put of micro and nanostructured polymer films.

Our Mission

Bring innovation and enhancement to the everyday use of polymer films.

Previous and Current Project Partners

Microstructuring together
Danapak Flexibles
    Danapak Flexibles

    R2R EC

    Highly innovative supplier of high-quality and high-barrier flexible packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, dairy, food and tobacco industries.

    DTU Nanolab
      DTU Nanolab

      Micro & nano-fabrication

      National Centre for Nano Fabrication and Characterization which operates advanced processing equipment, class 10-100, ISO 9001-certified cleanroom facilities.

      Joaneum Reasearch
        Joaneum Reasearch


        Solutions and technologies for business and industry in a wide range of industries and conducts cutting-edge research at an international level.

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        Replicating micro and nanostructures since 2007

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