Polymer Hologram Foils

Inmold offers high volume production of plastic films with hologram logos. Together with Danapak Flexibles we have established a mature production line for hologram films using extrusion coating at high production rates. The films are excellent for anti-counterfeit packaging, decoration, and branding.

Hologram Technology

The holographic effect is purely based on a highly defined surface structuring process – no inks, paints, or pigments are used for coloration.

The absence of inks, paints, or pigments allows a direct integration into your product without any concerns of contamination.

In collaboration with Danapak Flexibles A/S we the development your customized holographic film based on thermoplastic polymers for further process and product integration (blister packs, sachets, in-mold labeling, etc.).


The colors arise from the physical phenomenon of diffraction. 

Improved scratch resistance

The holographic effect and scratch resistance can be improved through application of patented protection system. The technology also allows a holographic labeling in register – keeping transparent areas for product presentation. The embedded holograms serve as branding as well as counterfeit protection.