Replication test package

we offer investigation and potential replication of your design onto thermoplastic polymer films

For a fast introduction to our replication technique, we recommend our replication test package. The package includes the preparation, realization and analysis of a test replication using a customized design with the aim to evaluate the compatibility of the design with our platform, upscaling possibilities/risks and provision best replicated samples for inspection at the customer site.

Within demonstration projects we offer investigation and potential replication of your design onto thermoplastic polymer films. The project can be customized but commonly include:

The roll-to-roll platform

Our patented high throughput R2R replication line allows fast replication of customized patterns. fabricated patterns will analysed using inline QC (confocal, microscopy).

Our patented high-throughput replication platform is based on R2R-Extrusion Coating. Hereby, a curtain of molten thermoplastic polymer is extruded onto a carrier film before entering a nip of a structured cooling roller and a pressurized counter roller. The structures on the cooling roller become instantly imprinted into the hot polymer melt. The film is released as a solidified film.

Our technology has significant advantages in comparison competing R2R technologies:

1. High production speeds m2/min
2. Applied on thermoplastic polymers
3. Known surface properties and chemistry
4. Imprint on a web width up to 450mm with a possibility to upscale to a web width of up to 1500mm
5. Adjustable film thickness up to 300µm. replicate structures 
6. Geometries from nanometers to micrometer sizes
7. Low and high aspect ratio structures (up to AR 1:3)
8. Close the produced chips through ultrasonic, thermal or solvent bonding

Micro and Nanofabrication

As part of our test package We offer services throughout the entire value-chain from the design of a nano- and/or microstructure, to the fabrication of master commonly made in silicon further to production of the final functional polymer foil.

Access to a state-of-the-art class ISO 100 cleanroom offered by DTU Nanolab allows us to offer the fabrication of customized designs (masters) applicable for upscaled replication using our patented high-throughput replication process based on R2R-Extrusion Coating. Our broad knowledge of available cleanroom fabrication techniques combined with polymer replication and characterization methods allows us to offer a range of services.

  • E-beam / DUV / UV lithography
  • Dry / wet etching processes
  • Dry resist processing
  • Thin layer deposition
  • Laser surface texturing
  • SEM, profilometry, microscopy

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