Injection mold polishing

Inmold offers a durable glass-like coating for injection molds, provided in development with customer

  • Our coating makes the surface smoother – the roughness (Ra) of diamond polished steel can be reduced from 170 nm to 20 nm in one step. On polished steel surfaces the roughness can be reduced to 10 nm.
  • The mold becomes resistant to wear and abrasion – several durability tests show no visible degradation of the coating after more than 100.000 cycles.
  • The coating contains only Silicon and Oxygen – there is no risk of unwanted materials in the molded part
  • The coating is only about 1 μm thick – it does not change the geometry of the mold
  • Application: High gloss on surfaces with Ra < 170 nm
  • Application: When the surface roughness is higher (decorative surfaces), our coating creates deeper colors and removes diffusive light scattering

Process boundaries: Curing occurs at 450°C / 2h / ambient. Tool steels with low carbon content required. Tested on: Stavax/1.2083, Unimax, Orvar/1.2344, Mirrax, Nimax. Demonstrated with injection molding using PP, ABS, PS, COC, PA

Best results are achieved on molds with simple and symmetric geometry (flat, cylindrical, etc.). Well suited for cores and small inserts.